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About Streaming Security Systems

MacNetworks announces a new company division,
focused on Network IP Surveillance:

Streaming Security Systems

Streaming Security Systems brings cutting edge Digital Network Video technology together with the vast system integration and network technology background of MacNetworks to produce a security company with unsurpassed abilities to design, install and maintain a flexible and fully scalable IP Security solution.

Network video technology has the capacity to provide a higher level of integration with other functions and services, making it a continually developing system. Use of open standard protocols enables easy system integration with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers for both Windows and Mac-based networks.

Another advantage of network video surveillance is that it can be viewed from anywhere on the networks or if desired anywhere in the world over the internet. Access to video can be restricted by password protection and other strong security measures to ensure restricted access.

IP surveillance installation costs are generally cheaper than ordinary analog CCTV (closed circuit TV). Network video can leverage your existing computers, network and monitors. Installation costs are generally cheaper given that network cabling is cheaper than coax cabling. In addition, on-going maintenance costs are reduced by eliminating tapes, and the need for VCR replacement and repair.

Installing digital technology means investing in a system that will last well into the future.

Let Streaming Security Systems answer your questions about IP surveillance. Call today for a free security analysis.