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Camera Surveillance

The digital camera system utilizes the normal IP-based computer network for transmitting and distributing video, requiring only minimal cabling during installation.  In contrast, an analog camera system uses single-purpose/dedicated cabling to join devices point-to-point and results in access only to a local recorder for viewing captured video.  The digital system thus eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming dedicated cable installation and allows for viewing and access to cameras anywhere internet access is available.

In addition, you may choose to install Power over Ethernet, a technology that integrates data and power over standard LAN infrastructure.  This enables reliable, uninterrupted power to network cameras, and other Ethernet devices, using existing cable.  By utilizing the wires that normally go unused in standard “Cat5” network cable, Power over Ethernet feeds power directly to the network video products without the need for local powering of the camera. 


Software, is an important part of any security system it manages your cameras. We recommend several outstanding surveillance software packages for your consideration whether you are running Windows or OSX:


Axis Camera Station – Windows-based
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View and record high quality video and audio from up to 50 cameras with H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG video compression.

Scheduled and event-driven recordings are triggered by motion or external inputs. AXIS Camera Station utilizes camera based motion detection to save bandwidth and disk space. Manual recording can be triggered directly in the live view interface. Powerful recording search with timeline visualization and export functionality.


SecuritySpy -  OS X-based
SecuritySpy - OS X-basedA multi-camera video surveillance application, this software will enable you to set up a comprehensive and effective surveillance system quickly and easily. The motion detection feature means that you can choose to capture footage only when there is some activity to record. In addition, you can use the time-lapse feature to record continuously.
SecuritySpy’s flexibility will allow you to set up a system tailored for your individual needs. Whether you want a single camera or many dozens, SecuritySpy is ideal for both domestic and business purposes.


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